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Our mission statement

IRLA’s mission is to be an exciting and dynamic platform for insurance and reinsurance legacy professionals from the UK, European and worldwide markets, to network, share expertise and best practice, enhance learning and continue to innovate.

Core values of IRLA members:

  • Demonstrate leadership and professionalism;
  • Earn stakeholder trust and respect through ethical and best practice;
  • Promote innovation for the benefit of the market;
  • Develop sector skills and expertise through continued education and professional development;
  • Promote inclusion and diversity.

Services to Legacy Business Award:

This, as its name suggests, is to recognise exceptional service to the legacy / discontinued business sector over a number of years. Each year the board members of IRLA take some time to consider if someone has achieved this, if so employer, client and peer support are sought to support the nomination.  More than just long service, the winner will have contributed significantly to the development and enhancement of the sector over the years and will be recognised by market practitioners as having had a major positive influence on the legacy sector. This Award is not about contribution to the profits or prestige of a particular employer, but rather about a contribution to the sector as a whole, for example, through innovation, improving professionalism, or acting as an ambassador to the wider business community.

Our 2017/2018 winner was Bob Howe, CEO, Axa Liabilities Managers UK, who said:

“I would like to thank IRLA for the Services to Legacy Award and the tribute the Chairman, Paul Corver, read at the Annual Members Dinner. I will be best known to many members for the work I have done in industrial disease, but I well remember the early days of IRLA and its predecessors when we were primarily concerned with US APH and reinsurance in the traditional London Market run-offs. It is much to the credit of IRLA that they have recognised the structural changes in our market which has seen members acquire (the UK) legacy liabilities, and have provided a forum for discussion. Those of us who have been around for as long as I have know that there is value in regular dialogue and I would encourage those members who do not regularly participate to do so. IRLA should look forward to the challenges ahead and to the opportunities it may provide. I hope to be part of the market for a while yet and would be delighted to help if I can. I would like you all to know that it means a lot to have such recognition from your peers and I wish IRLA every success in the future.”

You can watch the presentation of the award here.

The 2019 Awards will be made at the Congress 2019 in Brighton.

IRLA information briefings and training

Through IRLA’s well-established Academy programme, members benefit from contemporaneous detail directly from leading speakers and market influencers globally.

IRLA members also receive regular e-newsletters and e-circulars to help keep them informed of all sector news.

IRLA Events

Our Annual Dinner, Congress and networking events calendar features excellent and regular peer networking opportunities.

IRLA Young Professionals Group

In 2013 the IRLA Young Professionals Group (YPG) was launched.

YPG (under 35’s) is for students, trainees, associates and those with around 5 years’ experience or less from all disciplines, working in and with the insurance and reinsurance industry. It gives an opportunity to network among peers, to share best practice and career tips, whilst learning and benefiting from the guidance and contacts of highly-experienced IRLA mentors who are sector experts.

YPG runs its own programme of events and helps to select Academy content that is relevant for entry-level members.

Accredited CPD training

IRLA’s Academy has year on year successfully achieved CII Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation, which recognises their quality and relevance to meeting the professional development needs of their participants.

A CPD licence runs for the course of one year and is renewable by application to the CII having successfully undergone a rigorous, independent assessment of our training against CII CPD Accreditation standards focusing on our:

  • Transparency – participants can easily identify the potential value and learning objectives
  • Quality – the training must be delivered to the highest possible standards.
  • Professional development – the programme must deliver tangible benefits to CII’s membership in relation to their professional development.

These courses may also contribute to accountants, lawyers and other professions Continuing Professional Development requirements. For full details of the different CPD requirements click the button below.

CPD requirements

For more details please contact leslieann.giovnilli@irla-international.com

IRLA Committees

From Mem & Arts.  40. Delegation of powers:

The Directors may delegate any of their powers to any committee consisting of one or more Directors. Any such delegation may be made subject to any conditions the Directors may impose, and either collaterally with or to the exclusion of their own powers and may be revoked or altered. Subject to any such conditions, the proceedings of a committee with two or more members shall be governed by the Articles regulating the proceedings of Directors so far as they are capable of applying.

All Committee chairman have the power to instigate and approve committee actions and then to inform the Board of their decisions, without further need to seek approval and decisions regarding Committee business at Board meetings. 

There are four serving committees:

Learning & Development
Head of Academy – Leslie-Ann Giovnilli, leslieann.giovnilli@irla-international.com

Purpose: To suggest training themes and construct the annual programme of courses with recommended trainers and learning objectives, following the agreed criteria for each type of training.

Member Communication
Communication Leader – James Bolton, james.bolton@irla-international.com

Purpose: To create and recommend members’ initiatives for IRLA; to improve internal and external communications.  Committee members are brand ambassadors and agree to promote and cascade in all relevant circumstances.

Chairman – Mark Everiss, mark.everiss@irla-international.com

Purpose: To create, manage and drive the member and external events for IRLA.

Young Professionals
Chairman – Amy Berry, amy.berry@pwc.com 

Purpose: To discuss and recommend a series of events, members initiatives and benefits for the younger professional member.

IRLA Annual Report 2017/18

Click here to view IRLA’s NEW Annual Report for 2017/18.

Equality & diversity

We will foster an inclusive working environment where difference is embraced and where people feel valued and respected. We incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people.


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