Why new member David Rooney of David S Rooney Consulting joined IRLA


For many years I did not see the value of having corporate membership as the Company was very active in pursuing its own course and we always believed we could influence the market alone, due to the size and participation in the North American legacy space. After seeing all the exceptional work Paul Corver, as Chairman, and the Board, which by then was populated by more liability carriers, were undertaking to make sure the run off and legacy sector had a strong voice on on-going matters and in particular shaping the emerging losses here in the United Kingdom, we decided to re-join the organisation and add our own voice to shaping the way the market place responded. It was our belief that unity was a far stronger weapon, than trying to get our single voice heard. Prior to my departure I was proud of our continued and expanding involvement with IRLA, whereby our knowledge and experience was being recognised and employed.

After setting up my own consultancy in November 2018 offering specialised services to the London Market and in particular the legacy and run off sector, it was a natural progression to join IRLA as a sole trader. With access to risk carriers, capital providers, lawyers and consultants all whom are involved in the run off and legacy sector’s has increased my pool of potential clients. Being a member also gives me access to briefings on either emerging new losses or legacy matters, which helps increase my knowledge base. As a member these are free to attend which is a huge advantage rather than having to pay to attend other providers courses. Networking opportunities also exist during the year, this gives me access to other members in a more informal and relaxed setting, which enables ideas to be exchanged, and opportunities created. The training academy is another major consideration as I consider this is key to training the leaders of the future and ensuring that the loss of market knowledge and experiences are not lost forever and the problems of the past rear their head again. I believe the sole trader membership fee is good value for money and having IRLA on your CV shows your professionalism in the legacy market place.

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