Persuasive Skills

The challenge for most people as they progress through their career, is to sustain the belief in their own ability and potential, and to have the confidence to put themselves forward for senior positions. This is particularly challenging in a less than diverse workplace dominated by certain behaviours. This soft skills session is designed for those at junior to first level management level and addresses certain challenges.

Participants will examine the power of physicality, voice and language and will learn tools and strategies to flex these attributes in order to affect the attitude and behaviours of those around them. We will also consider cultural as well as gender and hierarchical differences. This will lead to a greater personal understanding of the impact of these skills and how they may be applied to build resilience, step into the spotlight and perform more effectively in the workplace.

The session also offers an opportunity in a safe environment, for the participants to practise the learning in relevant and realistic scenarios. It will explore:

  • Physical and vocal presence
  • Language
  • Disparity in belief
  • Structural barriers
  • Status and leadership
  • Personal brand
  • How to differentiate yourself from others in your field

Confidence can be learned and increased with practice. When you can motivate each other and help each other succeed, it improves the confidence of your entire inner circle.

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1 Hour
The Grand Hotel, Brighton
AMS for IRLA international
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This is a free event and is available at IRLA Congress

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