5 days and counting down


Our runners continue to stretch, warm up, run and limp their way towards the London Marathon on October 2nd.

One of our runners, Chris Woolener, is a bit of star when it comes to physical exertion having completed in 2022 several marathons and tri-athletic competitions as well as working as a Physical Trainer and being the single father of a very active young daughter.

Chris has experienced what it is like without the right support and couldn’t wait to help us raise funds for a cause that is seriously under recognised and yet could make such a difference to so many. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen.

So this is our last call out for your kindness to contribute £10, or more, to our fund raising. You can do that here.

PS we still have the following auction items that you can bid on:

Band (for an evening)                                                                                           £250
Cheltenham Festival 2023 x 2                                                                              £250
Goodwood golf & lunch with J Fair                                                                       £200
Richmond Beginners golf & lunch x 2                                                                   £200

Event starts in...

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