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We hope that you find all that you need on our website and on our app, but if you have any further questions or would rather talk to us, please call the office Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 17:00 on (T) +44 203 026 3336, or (E)

There are already around 1,700 members of IRLA including 400 Young Professionals Group members based around the world and as this membership grows IRLA events, webcasts and discounts will grow respectively.

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We incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships.

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Tom Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Axa Liabilities Managers – Retired

“For me, 3 years as an IRLA Director (and a member for many years before that) has reinforced the benefit that IRLA can bring to those responsible for or working with both live and legacy (re)insurance business. IRLA’s training and development sessions are well prepared, delivered by experts and topical; the potential for networking and meeting and learning from market leaders is often and varied; and IRLA’s desire to develop individuals including through its Young Professionals Group demonstrates a desire to include and develop individuals at all levels of experience.    

Whether you are yourself active in the (re)insurance market or responsible for developing individuals I would strongly recommend that you take a look (and make enquiries) to see how IRLA can help. Also, and with perhaps more potential, you might want to think about supporting IRLA by joining the Board or one of its targeted committees so that we can continue to promote IRLA’s philosophy.”

Mark Hallam, Managing Director, Swiss Re

“IRLA is the primary Legacy Association, globally. The membership benefit from extensive Market networking opportunities and educational events all aimed at expanding the dialogue around key Legacy issues, whilst also engaging with the Live Market to prepare the membership for future opportunities and challenges. Board members represent all areas of the (Re)Insurance industry, including Legacy and Live companies, ensuring there is energy within the Association both for the current activities and planning for the future. Each Board member must also participate on at least one IRLA Committee, such as the Education or Events Committee, being responsible for fulfilling the obligation to the membership for training and networking. Congress is the highlight of the year whereby the membership come together over 2 days for education, Market issue sharing and to create a dialogue around current and future Legacy matters.

IRLA should be a key part of the toolkit for anyone working in the (Re)Insurance Legacy environment.”

Chris McCrudden, Head of Client Operations, BC Legal

The legal and insurance market has many member organisations and associations. In our experience most offer little measurable business benefit to its members. IRLA has been different. It offers excellent learning opportunities through it seminar and training programmes and, together with its social events, provided opportunity to discuss, debate and learn what others are experiencing in this rapidly changing landscape of insurance, reinsurance and claims run-off. Of course, the hope when joining any association is that membership leads to working collaborations.

Joining IRLA has been a huge success in this regard and opened the doors to many discussions with individuals and organisations with mutual interests. Membership has provided measurable business benefit to BC Legal.

David Rooney, David S Rooney Consulting

For many years I did not see the value of having corporate membership as the Company was very active in pursuing its own course and we always believed we could influence the market alone, due to the size and participation in the North American legacy space. After seeing all the exceptional work Paul Corver, as Chairman, and the Board, which by then was populated by more liability carriers, were undertaking to make sure the run off and legacy sector had a strong voice on on-going matters and in particular shaping the emerging losses here in the United Kingdom, we decided to re-join the organisation and add our own voice to shaping the way the market place responded. It was our belief that unity was a far stronger weapon, than trying to get our single voice heard. Prior to my departure I was proud of our continued and expanding involvement with IRLA, whereby our knowledge and experience was being recognised and employed. Click here to continue reading

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