Kevin Gill


Kevin Gill, Director

Kevin Gill is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and joined the board of directors in November 2020. Still our ‘new boy’ and the evil purse controller, Kevin is a Partner at EY and leads its Insurance Restructuring and Run-off practice as well as heading up its UK corporate simplification and exits business.

Kevin is part of the Governance Group, and his role is –

  1. As Treasurer will liaise with Secretariat in preparing the annual budget for presentation to the board ahead of the start of each financial year
  2. Presents regular reports to the board on the Association’s performance in relation to the annual budget
  3. Membership fees will be reviewed annually by the Treasurer, Membership Director and Head of Secretariat for budget and membership value considerations
  4. Financial accounts must be reviewed by an accountant at least once per year. The accountant is elected annually, and it is the role of the Treasurer to ensure Secretariat provides the accountant with all information to prepare the yearend financial reports
  5. It is the role of the Treasurer to recommend a course of action should the accounts reflect a large surplus or a reduced income
  6. To keep on top of the financial implications of strategic and operational plans of the Association. Situations of potential financial conflict including late payers, requested waivers or discounts will be presented by Secretariat to the Treasurer for action.

Telephone: +44 (0)7714 069859

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