Adam Horridge

Asia Coordinator

Adam Horridge, Director

Adam Horridge is a Vice President and Legacy Transaction Manager of Swiss Re. Currently located in Singapore Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and is a CFA Charter holder. Adam came straight into legacy in 2013 and in 2018 he was  the winner of the Young Professional of the Year Award. His term as both a Committee member and  Chairman of the YPG ran from 214-2018 when he left for Hong Kong.. He heads up the IRLAsia Committee.

His IRLA role is anticipated as  –

  1. Being the primary public figure for Asia, and as the primary public figure, representing the Committee’s mission at all times, using day-to-day business and work social interactions to encourage membership, shared information, or volunteer hours

  2. He is responsible for all governance of the Committee and its members and under the guidance of IRLA Company Secretary must ensure all legal guidelines are followed by the Committee

  3. Also responsible, for all sub-groups in the same way

  4. The Chairman will provide a neutral voice at each Committee meeting taking reports from those who have an active role in a specific task, to a. encourage and b. to understand and consider all the differing aspects (planning, finance etc) to guide the task to a satisfactory conclusion

  5. Responsible for all public and membership communication, alongside the communications team, and ensuring it is in line with the Associations corporate guidelines and processes

  6. The Chairman has a duty to members and directors alike to act in a responsible and professional way at all times

Telephone: +65 9835 5309