Gian Luigi di Franco

Company Secretary

Gian Luigi di Franco, Director

Gian Luigi di Franco is an in-house lawyer and joined the board of directors in April 2023 when he was also appointed Company Secretary.  Gian Luigi was the Deputy Chairman of YPG until 2021 when he became Company Secretary for LCL. Gian Luigi’s career began in legacy in 2005 and he has been working in this sector from the start. He works for RiverStone in their Ipswich office.

Gian Luigi  –

  1. Supports the Corporate Social Responsibilities Group and provides advice
  2. Ensures that the Directors and Secretariat act appropriately; liaises with relevant parties over potential areas of conflict or incidents that may give rise to an insurance claim or other legal/official response requirement
  3. Works with, and offers advice to Secretariat on corporate governance including the board meetings and AGM
  4. Oversees the administrative decisions, responsibilities and issues arising on a day-to-day basis re the board/board meetings
  5. Oversees contracts, insurance, and licences to ensure that the requirements of the company and company law are met

Telephone: +44 (0) 7701 326381