James Bolton

Communications Lead

James Bolton, Director

James Bolton is a Chartered Accountant and qualified Insolvency Practitioner who joined the board of Directors in May 2016, having been on the Membership and Communications Committee since 2013. During lock down James cut down alcohol and recommenced rowing and walking and was very surprised when lots of weight fell off – he is doing his best to put it all back on now he can meet people again!  James is a director of Quest Group Holdings Limited.

James’s role is –

  1. To act as a test point and proofer of all communications leaving IRLA
  2. To maintain awareness of all board and committee activities so as to provide IRLA’s activities, news, and articles to members
  3. To be responsible for creating a social media plan and obtaining volunteers to contribute to and share content
  4. To liaise with the Treasurer, Membership Director, and Secretariat to promote membership and benefits
  5. Works with other directors and committee members to review membership needs and wants and engages with the membership to create a channel of open communications
  6. Works with PR to create a positive and forward looking strategy including such matters as charity support, successful events, and other news

Telephone:  +44 (0)7900 227 760
Email:   jbolton@quest-group.co.uk

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