Mark Everiss

Company Secretary

Mark Everiss, Director

Mark Everiss is a lawyer and joined the board of directors in November 2007, one of the Associations long serving directors, Mark has been an active participant through all four different takeovers/mergers of his firm and has been the Company Secretary throughout his Board membership. Mark is also the purveyor of apostrophes and our key proof reader. Mark is a Partner at Cooley (UK) LLP in their London office and speaks French.

Mark is part of the Governance Group and his role is –

  1. Heads up the Code of Conduct Review Group with the Chairman and Head of Secretariat
  2. Ensures that the directors and Secretariat act appropriately; liaises with relevant parties over potential areas of conflict or incidents that may give rise to an insurance claim or other legal/official response requirement
  3. Working with, and offering advice to Secretariat on corporate governance including the board meetings and AGM
  4. Overseeing administrative responsibilities and issues arising on a day-to-day basis re the board/board meetings
  5. Overseeing contracts, insurance, and licences to ensure that the requirements of the company and company law are met

Telephone: +44 (0)7803 617274

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