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Steve Hennessey, Co-opted

Steve Hennessey first served on the board of directors 2013-2015 and is standing for re-election in 2021. Steve considers himself our most approachable [potential] director – as he is not the youngest, or the funniest – although we do all love his heads and tails – and leads our ‘mid-tier’ strategy for those out of YPG but too young for OPG! Steve joined Enstar (UK) (from Axa LM) in January 2021 as Head of Technical Projects.

Steve’s role is –

  1. Responsible for promoting and engaging with members regarding the annual awards
  2. With Secretariat and Membership compiling and organising the annual membership survey, including staffing and collation of results
  3. Encourages involvement from the board, YPG and wider membership to suggest and host the (social) events of the Association
  4. Works with AMS to create content and manage all social events, including overseeing YPG events; seeking sponsors as relevant to the Associations mission statement and volunteer hosts for each event
  5. Stays aware of IRLA liability and contractual requirements at all levels in respect of each event
  6. After annual determination as to which events are benefits and which need to be income streams reports to the board on activities

Telephone: +44 (0)7387 546291

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