Tom Alcock

Regulatory Matters

Tom Alcock, Director

Tom Alcock is a lawyer and joined the board of directors in January 2019. Tom is our youngest director being just one year past YPG membership and practically new to the Association. Tom joined Catalina (from Armour Risk) in July 2021 as Head of Property Claims – Complex Claims.

Tom is part of the Governance Group and his role is –

  1. To develop and maintain relationships with regulators and other key insurance bodies and associations, particularly:- UK the FCA, PRA, FSCS and DWP;
    • Europe – ACA (Luxembourg), ACPR (France), AFM (Netherlands), BaFin (Germany), CBI (Ireland), DGSFP (Spain), EIOPA, GFSC (Gibraltar), GFSC (Guernsey), IVASS (Italy), JFSC (Jersey) & MFSA (Malta);
    • USA – Oklahoma and Rhode Island, also via Association of Runoff Companies (USA) AIRROC
    • Australasia – APRA (Australia), CBRIC (China) & MAS (Singapore);
  2. To co-ordinate the lobbying of regulators 1. generally, on market issues, and 2. to recognise legacy as a sector of the (re)insurance market independent of the live market and consequently to allow legacy solutions [e.g., IVASS];
  3. To assess the value of and co-ordinates the involvement of IRLALCL and IRLA in joint market matters that involve forms of regulationo
    • Acts as liaison for consultation papers that would benefit from IRLA inputo
    • Informs the board(s) on regulatory news/updates (primarily for the UK but also across regional regulators as relationships develop);
    • Maintains and extends contacts with the regulatory framework to ensure inclusion in, or referral to, legacy matters

Telephone:      +44 (0)7375 257463

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