Tom Alcock


Tom Alcock, Director

Tom Alcock is a lawyer and was co-opted to the Board of Directors in January 2019 and was elected at the AGM.

Tom is a Director of Armour Risk Management Limited and also manages and develops its legal, compliance and regulatory teams.

“I joined the legacy market after advising live market clients on preparing their portfolios for sale. My speciality was reconsidering how cover and recoveries applied to portfolios whilst maintaining TCF. Eventually that led to me leaving private practice and joining Armour. Since then, I have become a General Counsel and developed my knowledge and experience of the legacy market from M&A to regulation.

When I joined the legacy market, I started going to IRLA events and getting involved. It is a great organisation that brings together our competitive market, educates us and promotes us for the benefit of all. Due to my background, I see the synergies the legacy and live markets have and how the service industry can assist both.”


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