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IRLA Academy: Enhancing professionalism through the delivery of high quality, accredited technical educational briefings and seminars.

The IRLA Academy has produced accredited, high quality and cost effective technical training for a number of years. We have been lucky enough to have had three past ambassadors who were totally committed to building upon each others legacy to create what we have today.

The IRLA re/insurance legacy handbook is a useful tool for younger professionals or those new to the industry and is available to purchase to members at a cost £25.00 + postage (£45.00+ postage to non-members). Contact us at to place your order


The purpose of the IRLA Academy is to deliver high quality technical insurance and reinsurance briefings and seminars as part of its members’ individual personal development programmes. They will be relevant to all IRLA members who need to conform to Continuing Professional Developments standards and will be delivered mainly in London, but will also be available to members nationally and internationally, F2F and on-line.

Click here to see the CPD requirements for actuaries.

Click here to see the CPD requirements for certified accountants (members of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)).

Click here to see the CPD requirements for chartered accountants (members of ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales))

Click here to see the CPD requirements for solicitors.

Click here to see the CPD requirements for insurance professionals.

Delivery Structure

It is proposed that the work of the IRLA Academy will be delivered under the supervision of Liam Bedford, who will work closely with a membership focus group, including YPG and Secretariat to create the annual programme wish list. This will then be distilled and managed through the following distinct approaches to training and be available to members of IRLA.

  1. Quarterly relevant technical and/or topical briefings at both a highly technical and young professional level, will be open to all members free of charge. Potentially three annual YPG Link and Learn sessions, created and managed by the YPG Committee will be open to all YPG members at no extra cost.
  2. There will also be a relevant technical programme covering market issues that will take the format of either half day workshops or full day training sessions. These will be open to members and non-members at a charge for delivery of the programme, (with a considerable discount to members). Many of these courses will be on-demand after the initial on-line course is filmed. These can be booked via the website.

Academy surplus (£) funding is invested into the delivery and development of future training and useful information for the development benefit of the membership.

The IRLA Board believe that an important principle of leadership is to set a positive example regarding fair and ethical behaviour, and that IRLA members will respond positively in their own behaviours based on what they see of the Board’s conduct. To this end our Corporate Social Responsibility aims can be found here.

Please be considerate of the fact that with the number of delegates being catered for at each event that there is one set menu along with a vegetarian option. However, any allergies reported to us will be passed to the kitchen. Beverages will always include non-alcoholic options.

If you have any particular access needs please contact Secretariat who will assist you.