Young Professionals Group

About Us

The IRLA Young Professionals Group (YPG) is a platform for those new to the legacy market, from all disciplines, working in and with the insurance and reinsurance industry, to network, share experience, learn new skills and develop talent. Membership of the YPG is through your organisation’s corporate membership – if you wish to enjoy YPG benefits please contact us to find out if your company is a member.

The IRLA YPG aims to make an active contribution to the legacy sector by organising regular networking events and providing a series of accredited training sessions which promote:

  • peer interaction –  better connecting young professionals and laying the foundations of industry communication for the future
  • personal development – providing an opportunity to learn and progress within the industry
  • development of relationships – by interaction in peer groups as well as with more senior members of the market
  • building skills – by providing interactive sessions to help build both technical and personal communication skills.

LinknLearn and other YPG events

The YPG’s LinknLearn sessions provide members with the opportunity to join in professional training, either as a presenter or participant, with peers in all areas of the legacy sector. Previous LinknLearn sessions include: An Introduction to the London Market, M&A and Restructuring; A Mock Arbitration, Possible Future Claims; and the Basics of Solvency II. These sessions are followed by networking drinks.

As well as the LinknLearn sessions, the YPG also host several social events.

All YPG are also encouraged to attend the learning and development sessions and social events with the wider IRLA group. IRLA aims to provide every YPG member with up to 12 hours free CPD each year. Click here for the events diary.

Benefits of being a YPG Member

  • Access to YPG specific events including CPD Accredited LinknLearn (free of charge) and social events
  • Access to IRLA events including training, networking and social events
  • *Discounted prices on Academy courses
  • Opportunities to speak and meet directly with respected members in the industry
  • An opportunity to be nominated for the IRLA YPG of the Year Award (see below)
  • Involvement in IRLA’s mentoring programme

*following attendance of the preceding LinknLearn event (free of charge)

The IRLA YPG was launched in 2013 under the chairmanship of Hannah Vaughan, of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Since inception, membership has grown to almost 470 members.

IRLA Young Professional of the Year Award 2023

This Award was introduced to recognise a young professional employed in the legacy market and the criteria for this Award is as follows:

• Achieving outstanding business outcomes
• Recognised for outstanding customer/client service
• A one to watch for future leadership

The recognition is not just about contribution to the profits or prestige of an employer, but also in having an external awareness of the sector from both a personal development and with a professional attitude in all of their business dealings.

The 2023 Award will be presented at Congress, May 09, 2023 in Brighton and the deadline for nominations is April 13 2023 which must consist of no more than 250 words each from a senior colleague, a client and a peer. Please click here for the form

2022 winner – Nicola Gaisford, Randall & Quilter

Nicola is a Senior Manager in the UK/Europe M&A team, London office.  In a very tough competition of seven nominees, Nicola was selected by the judges as she came over as a person who had made a real difference in her business and stood out to clients and peers alike as going above and beyond the expected. There was a genuine warmth and recognition in the nomination comments.

Click here to see the presentation by Jenny Fair, IRLA Director (right), Nicola Gaisford (centre) and Paul Corver (left) IRLA Director and Nicola’s Department Head.  

For the list of past Young Professional of the Year Award winners click here

IRLA YPG Mentoring Scheme

The IRLA YPG mentoring program is a relationship outside of the reporting line that helps individuals to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to move successfully through the different stages in their careers. The intent of a mentoring relationship is to match a more experienced person who acts
as a listener and guide to a person with less experience in whatever area of business or personal development.

Through the IRLA mentoring program, we aim at pairing experienced leaders and talents from the legacy industry in a mentor-mentee relationship.

Please click here for a list of mentors and their bios.

IRLA Ambassador role

Click here for more information

Diversity & Inclusion

We will foster an inclusive working environment where difference is embraced and where people feel valued and respected. We incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people.

IRLA Code of Conduct

The IRLA Board believe that an important principle of leadership is to set a positive example regarding fair and ethical behaviour, and that IRLA members will respond positively in their own behaviours based on what they see of the Board’s conduct. The Board pledge to treat all members with courtesy and ask the same in return. The Board also asks that members treat fellow members and Association/AMS staff with respect, without aggression, abuse or harassment.

Association Directors and Association/AMS staff have the right to perform their duties and to assist others without fear of being assaulted, threatened, verbally abused or discriminated against. Any actions, unintentional or otherwise, whether physical or verbal (including threatening or abusive language made in person, over the telephone or in written communication), which cause members, Directors or Association/AMS staff to feel threatened, uncomfortable or embarrassed are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

A single incident can amount to harassment and will be treated seriously. Any reported act or threat of physical or verbal abuse, or discrimination will be reported to the member’s employer with details of the incident.